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January 22, 2008
review by Marc Gunn


Thanks to the CD player in my new car, I'm listening to a lot of CDs that came to my mailbox over the past year or so. The latest was Patrick's Head's new CD "Arse Biscuits". I love it!

With a title like Patrick's Head, I assumed it was a Celtic rock band, but it's not. Yes, the singers vocals remind me of Shane MacGowan, but they're cleaner, more user friendly, easier to understand. The music is straight up contemporary Celtic folk. Very lyrical, great song selection, and well done. "Raglan Road" belongs in some Irish movie. All in all, a fantastic CD, and I highly recommend it!


2007 review by Catherine L. Tully

This Philadelphia-based band's most recent release, "Arse Biscuits," is true to their style--you could call it "acoustic with teeth" since it sinks in instead of fading away. The folk stylings are there, but this is not a blend into the background type band by any stretch of the imagination. The vocals are delivered with the utmost sincerity and the music follows suit.

Songs like "The Sick Note," tell a little story and have a great sense of wry humor, and if you can hear the title "Kilts Up, Knickers Down" without cracking a smile, it might be time to worry that your sense of humor is drying up! This isn't just a romp album though, the sound delivered is full and strong and vocal quality is stellar here as well.

Track 13, "The Town I Loved So Well" is a touching song that many can probably relate to on some level and is wistful and pretty all at the same time. The CD has a nice flow to it. Not content to limit itself to a narrow sound, Patrick's Head will stretch itself here and there and they succeed quite well each time--the CD is sweet, fun and funny.